Here at IQ Group we have a large, diverse and highly qualified team of specialist Consultants who are all very different. They have deep industry knowledge, a great breadth of experience and a ‘can do’ attitude in terms of pragmatic thinking and outcomes.

Whether deployed at a clients’ premises, or working from our network of offices, we want to share some of the key points with which you may not be familiar when you engage IQ Group.

  1. The IQ Group team in Australia is made up of over 100 wonderful people. Across the team, 25 different languages are spoken. This truly multicultural group not only speaks technology and finance ‘lingo’ but also spans English, Persian, Mongolian, Zulu, Farsi, Hakka, Nepali and Gujarati. We are part of a global family of consulting companies, all key players in the financial services arena. Our South African big sister is over 700 people!
  2. There are approximately 1000 years of specialist Superannuation and wealth experience that resides with us. All backed by methodologies and approaches that have a high value impact for our customers. We can lay claim to be truly ‘industry experts’.
  3. Our client history is significant. We have held successful working relationships with clients for over 15 years. Over the last 5 years, over 87% of our clients have asked us to help them on multiple initiatives. In just one of our domain areas, we have undertaken the data movement of over 10 Million members in 50 separate migrations!
  4. Currently we are helping over 30 customers across Superannuation, Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management sectors. There are 6 active Digital related programs underway.
  5. We know our Digital Engagement study is of great value to the market, because it is quoted by other consulting organisations! Our next survey will be bigger and set the benchmark for trusted information about customer engagement and industry transformation.


Brian Peters