IQ Group team members attended a fabulous Women in Super Lunch hosted by First State Super and Ariel Investments. Rupal Bhansali, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for global fund manager Ariel Investments shared her insights and experience in the global investment world of non-consensus investing.

Rupal shared her experience and insights in an open and inspiring presentation. The Author of the book Non-Consensus Investing: Being right when everyone else is wrong, highlighted the potential pitfalls and shared real world case studies of upset victories and how to win by not losing.

Rupal shared some of her challenges and achievements as she progressed to become a member of the Barron’s Investment Roundtable.


One of the most powerful messages of the whole session was when Rupal shared how she responded to childhood challenges that played a key role in who she is as a person today. Her strength and passion for overcoming adversity in our personal and professional lives was inspiring.

All attendees were most appreciative to receive a complimentary copy of the book and walked away with some tips for “smart investing”.

Thank you WIS!

Sharon Campanaro – Principal Consultant


Lilian Wade – Principal Consultant & Team Lead