This week we speak to Brian Peters about the annual benchmark study on what the top 50 funds are doing about digital engagement with customers.

We asked Brian what he thought the most important messages from this year’s Digital Engagement Study were.

Here’s what he shared:

  • Ticket to Play – this is a simple concept about playing in the digital space. With more funds entering the digital space and being more engaged in a digital language, the ticket to play means more investment and more activity to stay in the game.
  • Heightened Integration – there is a greater need for integration – and much more comprehensive integration – between what is digital and what is not digital for all funds.
  • Increased Challenge – the challenge for digital engagement is becoming broader as it needs to cover the member all the way through to fund administration, which for many funds they outsource.
  • Ongoing Innovation – any fund today must differentiate itself from the competition. It’s easier than ever to move.

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