At IQ Group we believe our continuous learning and development is key to providing our customers with the best consultants to support their business objectives. Many of our consultants provide training support to our clients as well as supporting development internally. 

As we begin our 5th Agile Scrum Master course internally this year, it is a great time to stop and think about the success of the training we do and what we have learnt both as trainers and trainees. I have asked our Agile coach to provide some of his thoughts on effective training. Emjee Derksen is a senior consultant with IQ Group with experience in driving and managing strategic business and technology programs and projects in diverse industries. Emjee is our internal Agile coach and also a Scrum Master and Agile coach for our clients. Here is his top 3 tips for effective training.

1.Be passionate

Emjee’s passion for helping people and seeing people grow in their understanding and abilities is what drives him in any training class he believes successful training gives people confidence in their own abilities and provides opportunities for them to develop as a person and in their careers. Emjee, coming from a family of teachers, loves to take to the whiteboard and to explain how things work.

2.Interactive Training is Key

For Emjee, the key to great training is to be interactive. Whether this is group activities, discussions or working through case studies, the opportunity for everyone in the room to share their thoughts and ideas can help embrace different learning styles and create a safe team environment for learning. Of course Emjee says “Loving to talk helps!”

3.Use your own experiences

Real-life examples and case studies bring training alive and allow the team to see the content in action. For Emjee, this has always been a key part to his training style and sharing stories of past experiences provides a great demonstration of how the content of a training course that is purely teaching from an instruction booklet can be translated into successful outcomes through practical application.

Beginning our 5th agile class for IQ consultants, Emjee hopes that a deeper understanding of the Agile principles and values will also provide support the practical application of agile in many of our clients and ultimately help IQ provide better outcomes for our customers.


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