What attracted you to join IQ Group?

After working for a range of consulting firms over the years, from large global consultancies to small niche technical consultancies, IQ Group is the first professional services consultancy that I have worked for that are specific industry domain specialists.

In the past I have worked for firms that provided generic project services with no specific industry domain specialisation. IQ Group on the other hand, specialise in the Superannuation and Wealth management industry. Most of the consultants have held roles in the industry and have a depth of knowledge and expertise in how the industry works.

IQ Group as an organisation actively participates in the industry forums to help shape the direction and implementation of the industry policies and regulations. For example, IQ Group has recently provided a submission in response to the recent Productivity Report and it conducts an annual Digital Engagement Study of the Superannuation industry.

So I am very excited to work with the consultants at IQ Group who provide a much deeper and richer expertise and value to our clients.

What do you bring to IQ Group?

With 30 years of experience working in IT and business consulting, I have a depth of experience in working with financial services clients to assist them with their business challenges. Underpinned by over 10 years of experience in business development and account management – plus valuable exposure to the retail banking sector – I am bringing with me a track record of establishing rich relationships with my clients and growing those accounts based on trust, value and respect. So my role at IQ Group will be to expand our footprint in the banking sector and deliver high value, high impact services to the superannuation and wealth management businesses within our banking clients.

Also on the table are many years of experience in managing consulting businesses and I plan to capitalise on this experience and help grow and mature our practices and competencies. At the end of the day I would like to see this translate into the existing development and evolution of our service offerings and intellectual property.

Run us through your goals

I am really excited about expanding IQ Group superannuation IP and services within the Australian banking sector.

The potential positive outcomes we can share via deep conversations about the business challenges they are facing with our insights and industry expertise can potentially assist the banking sector deliver their business strategies for superannuation offerings.

IQ consultants have the expertise and IP to assist our clients work through the complexity of the regulatory changes that they face and drive additional strategic value from this regulatory compliance work. One example is through improved customer experience and enhanced member retention and attraction strategies.

I already appreciate IQ Group’s industry specialist expertise and IP and can see how it can create real differentiation for banks looking to expand their results in the superannuation and wealth management space.


Stuart Conboy

Managing Principal