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In a business climate of disruption, change itself is changing. It’s no longer a process, with a clear beginning, middle and end. Rather, it’s an ongoing state. This accelerated speed of change demands an unprecedented agility to remain competitive.

This means we need a new set of capabilities to lead and work through continuous change with new and agile ways of working.

It’s time to make sense of what this really means, not just for leaders, but for all employees, so we can all play a meaningful role to support and continue to create the future of work.

HIQ Learning Services is pleased to bring you #changehacks ‘Hacking for Agile Change’ workshops which focus on how to build the capability required to support an agile organisation. #changehacks takes a future-forward view by integrating the latest thinking from the Future of Work, new ways of working, disruptive technology and agile practices, emerging capabilities, neuroscience and Human Centred Design.

Two workshop offerings address different audiences.

Each workshop is carefully designed for relevance and immediate application to embed learning.

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Hacking for Agile Change Workshop – Immersion Workshop

Workshop Overview: Demystify ‘agile’ and learn about what it means as an organisational capability and the role we all play through our mindset and behaviours, along with agile practices to support new ways of working. This workshop does not cover the project management / scrum master view of agile. It is designed with a practical focus on agile tools and ideas that can be immediately applied and are scalable with any project or change methodology already in use.

Duration: 1-day Immersion

Location: Melbourne

Target Audience: For Change leaders, Sponsors and Practitioners.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand how each role contributes to building agility and can support new ways of working
  • Identify the elements that make up organisational agility and new ways of working
  • Define what contributes to overall agility in mindset, behaviours and practices
  • Build a toolkit to shape and support an agile working model, that can be applied immediately and introduced to team members


All workshop attendees each receive a copy of Lena’s book ‘Hacking for Agile Change’ and Ponderfy mindfulness cards.

The learning is experiential. Each workshop is carefully designed for relevance and immediate application to embed learning.

Hacking for Agile Change Workshop – Executive Workshop

Workshop Overview: Organisational agility relies on commitment and capability from senior leaders. This workshop discuss the role of senior leaders in modelling and supporting new ways of working, by applying an agile mindset, behaviours and practices

Duration: Half-day workshop

Location: Melbourne

Target Audience: For Senior Leadership teams

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the role of senior leaders in establishing a climate for organisational agility
  • Identify the elements and benefits of organisational agility and new ways of working
  • Define what contributes to overall agility in mindset, behaviours and practices and how this is connected to new ways of working
  • Develop a view, through a future-pacing activity, of what success looks like in their organisation, with insights into what will help and what will get in the way

Workshop attendees will receive the ‘Hacking for Agile Change’ book and Ponderfy mindfulness cards.

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Agile Change Course

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Lena Ross


Lena Ross

Lena Ross, founder of changehacks  is a sought-after speaker and facilitator. She is one of Australia’s key influencers and thought leaders in the change management space. Her work draws on the latest thinking such as design thinking, future of work, digital, hardwired human behaviour and agile mindset and approaches. She holds an MBA qualification and is able to apply sound academic and business discipline to the development of practical and innovative solutions.


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Hacking for Agile Change

Discover a unique proposition on how to build an agile organisation. Join us as we demystify ‘agile’ and discover the latest thinking from the Future of Work, disruptive technology and agile practices, neuroscience, Human Centered Design and more.

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