Improving organisational learning and development capability

Learning Lab enhances employee knowledge and skill set in a variety of areas (technical knowledge, business practices, digital delivery and change management) through specially designed courses that can be tailored to accommodate client needs. Organisations are further supported with a range of best practice services to build organisational learning and development capabiltiy.

Our Learning Lab service has two key offerings:

Purpose-Built Courses

A diverse range of courses developed by the experts in the industry

A suite of purpose-built courses that cover the superannuation and business capabilities required for the industry. As experts in the industry, we develop and deliver courses that specifically meet the industry’s changing needs.

L&D Support

Affiliated learning and development services to support any organisation

Supports the creation and/or development of a learning culture with a range of affiliated L&D services. Ensures employees are excited to learn and apply what they learn to their organisation.

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