Supporting the people who are impacted by change

People Bridge helps clients to de-risk their transition, transformation or merger whilst supporting the people who are impacted by change. As part of HIQCLS and IQ’s overall TIAM (Transition and Integration Management) framework, our unique People Bridge service resolves the uncertainty and gaps that grow during business transformation by providing a two-way approach to maintaining resourcing capability.

Alternative employment options and certainty for people impacted

People Bridge provides suitable alternative employment options for people impacted by change.

People are supported during and after change by acknowledging their skill sets and aligning these with available positions within IQ or the industry. They can also receive ongoing operational support and career path development and training.

Staff augmentation to ensure resource gaps, at all levels, are filled

People Bridge provides staff augmentation for both individual operational expertise as well as team leadership and management support.

Consulting resources compliment teams and mitigate risk by ensuring resource gaps are competently filled during transformational change.


  • The ability to retain in-scope/impacted people through to the end of transitions and possibly beyond.
  • The ability to give these people multiple possible destinations in their career, rather than unlimited uncertainty.
  • The ability for organisations to access legacy/historical skills at commercially practical rates.
  • The option of moving people to IQ for the period of transition and possibly beyond.
  • The ability for IQ to work with in-scope people and help them establish their goals and identify opportunities for their next career phase.

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