Brian Peters took pleasure in promoting the very talented Craig Barrie to the role of Principal Consultant. Here he explains the potential he sees in this champion of IQ Group’s customer centric culture. And Craig Barrie explains what drives his passion for translating the dual languages of advanced technology and business terminology into customer speak for smoother change transitions.

I was delighted to reward the exceptional project delivery talents of Craig Barrie and promote him to the role of Principal Consultant. Craig’s an emotionally intelligent, practical and thorough consultant and this move is well deserved.

He’s been with IQ Group for a third of our 15 year history and, as a trusted advisor, Craig’s proven to be a strong champion of our customer centred culture. I’ve watched as he applies his substantial expertise to drive quality outcomes in every project he’s been a contributor to.

Craig’s career has focussed on the delivery aspects of project management. This elevation from Senior Consultant will see him widen IQ Group’s comprehensively planned delivery approach and facilitate the transfer of our unprecedented body of knowledge and experience to both our consulting teams across Australia and our customers.

Craig is also able to play a greater part within our senior leadership team, and Agility@IQ – the catalyst for change through agile consulting, contracting and research.

As Stronger Super and SuperStream implementations continue throughout Australia, our innovative services leverage not only expertise in the industry’s current structural changes but also the growing demand for consulting in areas such as integration and digital engagement with members and employers. And, through his active membership of Superannuation Australia, Craig influences the flow of ideas in our rapidly evolving industry.

In taking on his new role, Craig Barrie said: “This promotion gives me the scope to expand my winning formula for ensuring our teams perform beyond basic account management responsibilities to build long lasting relationships with customer organisations. We bring together our consulting teams to create the best fit for not only the customer’s technical requirements but also their business environments. With the right development teams we strive to meet every challenge and project milestone.

“I see myself as a linguist; one that translates the languages of advanced technology and business terminology into audience and demographic specific communications. By taking a holistic view, by understanding the pain points that the audience may go through, we can help smooth the transition to the new and fundamentally better way of doing things.”