Outside of the workplace, employees make important decisions that affect the lives of the people around them everyday. However, those workers are rarely provided the same level of input and authority over how they perform their own jobs, lead and run a team, or make decisions that impact a customer.

IQ Group has decided to turn the traditional hierarchy model on its head, and embrace a ‘Natural Teams’ leadership approach.

Natural teams bring together a group of highly skilled employees and provide them the responsibility and authority to nominate their own team leadership.

By embracing natural teams, IQ Group seeks to achieve the things that matter:

  • Help our people feel connected with their team and team leader
  • Build teams that can adapt to changes in business, client or personal circumstances

The autonomy provided by the natural teams model takes full advantage of all team members’ skills, talents, experience, and ideas.

“Natural teaming should provide IQ Group with access to, and leverage of, as much of its talent as possible,” said IQ Group’s CEO, Brian Peters, “It is akin to a sporting team, where different players come onto the field at different times to help achieve the overall purpose.”

The teams that will form as a result of this new approach will not be a one size fits all; they will come in many different sizes, with many different skills, and work together harmoniously if they trust each other and have a clear view of our purpose.

The success of this initiative is dependent on employees having a strong trust in their team leaders, who will act in a way that supports and enhances our people, and our business. The move toward natural teams is the next step in our journey toward becoming a more agile and responsive organisation equipped to navigate what the future holds for us.

“We all play multi faceted roles, being both a challenge and benefit of the industry we work in – consulting, where two days are rarely the same,” said Peters.

To find out more about careers at IQ Group, make sure to check out our careers page: www.iqgroup.com.au/careers