Managing, motivating and monitoring performance is important for any organisation however when your tagline personifies ‘Intelligence.Applied’ it is vitally important that these standards are upheld. At the end of each financial year we reward these team members that have made a significant positive contribution to their role, their team and the wider organisation. This year we are proud to announce the winners:

Craig Barrie – IQ CEO Award

During the 2016 financial year Craig has made the largest positive influence to IQ Group throughout the year. For his efforts he wins travel vouchers for two. Craig’s efforts are part of our larger global effort. Congratulations Craig and happy travels.

Belinda McKinlay and Laura Lewis – IQ Leadership award

We are thrilled to announce dual winners for our IQ Leadership award for FY16. Both Belinda and Laura have focused on living the values in the IQ Group ‘formula’ and through their focus and hard work have consistently made a difference to their colleagues. With their efforts recorded in our IQ Group trophy, both Belinda and Laura will enjoy an extra annual leave and cash payment package.


Martha Villamil

Head of People and Resourcing