Leah is a Talent Acquisition Specialist listed in the Top 50 Social Recruiters list (AUS & NZ) by LinkedIn, with experience across Financial Services, Energy and Resources, IT, Consulting, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, and Healthcare industries. In her current role, Leah has partnered with business leaders to implement a proactive Resourcing function through social media and an employee referral program.

What does a social recruiter mean?

Being a social recruiter is about using social media to connect, pipeline, and engage top talent. With the use of LinkedIn Recruiter I am able to search for particular skill set that we know our client base needs now, and with our deep insight into projects let’s us build out possible contacts for skills we know we will need in the future. For instance at the moment we have a particular demand for all things digital and so I am liaising for those roles with potential candidates.

How has this benefited IQ Group?

Over the past 15 years IQ Group has built a leading reputation in the superannuation and wealth management space. We are known for our pragmatic approach to complex implementations and projects plus deep industry engagement in legislative and structural issues that affect the entire industry. We are known for delivering solutions that accelerate change and improve our clients operations and use of technology, from our team with strong domain experience and commitment to project delivery.

Our activity and profile within the LinkedIn community let’s us reach candidates, clients and potential clients across a highly social platform. It is much more enjoyable for these targets to learn more about our culture and achievements hear what we are doing in the media, plus network with our specialists in the mainstream and specialist groups in LinkedIn. It is a highly professional experience for both sides.

How do people engage with you socially? How do people refer other people to you?

We always have our own team members networking for appropriately skilled candidates however you can reach me on LinkedIn. My details are there for easy reach. And if you are reading this and think you have a great candidate for either now or the future – just share my article.

Why is IQ Group a great place to work?

We have made a commitment to culture, skills and the right structure in our practice divisions, customer advocacy and assurance programs and educational offerings to put ourselves ‘out there’. Our commitment has seen us stay ahead of client requirements, anticipating what the next wave of innovation will be (digital is a great example of this) and we think it shows.

And we cover off the core cultural rewards for being part of our team – staff benefits, flexible work practices, work/life balance, health and wellness programs, community volunteering programs as well as learning and development.

Why is social recruitment part of the future?

It certainly is part of the IQ Group future because of the transparency it provides to us as employers of specialists and for those potential candidates to learn more about us. We are firmly embedded into the industry culture of within groups and amongst general industry commentary on the LinkedIn platform and we only expect our commitment to strengthen.

For more information you can visit our recruitment hub or contact us here.


Leah Wigg

Resourcing Advisor