A small group of IQ staff attended the recent Women in Super ‘Perfect Your Pitch’ event held at the UniSuper Melbourne office. Miranda Logan, Laura Lewis, Carmen Yang, Cynthia Cheong, Elizabeth Blythe and Tara Lupus attended the event.

About 80% of the group admitted they found networking hard, with some attendees confessing to getting so nervous that they “word salad” when meeting new people.

Thankfully, Emily McQualter, from the Happiness Concierge knew how to make the crowd comfortable, and her suggestion to hang out by the food seemed easy enough.

However, we weren’t just there for networking, we were there to learn how to talk about our passions and goals and turn them into a personal elevator pitch. Regardless of the industry we work in or the type of role we’re undertaking, we all need a pitch that doesn’t sound rehearsed to the point that we sound like a robot. A few key phrases that highlight the amazing work we do is great starting point!

After a short presentation we all grabbed a worksheet and a stranger…and just like that I felt like I was back in my 20’s and speed dating.  Thankfully, the worksheet guided us in some fast-paced reflection, and when the whistle blew, we had to find another stranger to work with. After 3 or 4 rounds, we had refined our pitch, met some like-minded ‘super women’, made new friends and swapped LinkedIn details. Easy.

Emily McQualter’s presentation

So, what’s my pitch? Well, you’ll just have to find me by the food table and ask 😊 But my key phrase is “I’m more than just a super nerd I’m Super Fund Therapist, I love legislative change and governance, but my real passion is online member portal design.”

Drop me yours in the comments. I look forward to meeting you.

Laura Lewis
Senior Consultant & Team Lead