Leadership, rather than just managing, is becoming one of the real differentiators in our rapidly changing Super/Wealth landscape. At the ASFA spotlight on leadership and transformation luncheon last week, a number of keynote speakers including Chris Davies (CEO of Telstra Super) gave some valuable insights into simple ways businesses can create a positive leadership environment. One of the key points made was that gender diversity was not just a moral position, but one that had a significant positive business case payback to organisations.

“Diversity makes business sense; it does not need to be just a moral position.”

One of the biggest takeaways from the conference was the idea that age plays an interesting role in introducing different forms of leadership amongst employees.

Within the next three years, Gen X, Y & Z will make up 92% of the workforce. For leadership initiatives to prosper internally, each employee and their respective generational leadership styles must be understood.

Also, technology is fundamentally ingrained into the present-day working environment and whilst it is there to make work life more efficient, it can have many detrimental aspects by making us work longer, blurring the lines between home and work.

In summary, leaders must be open to change and adapting to new circumstances as the landscape of work is changing and we need to equip our staff with the tools to succeed.

What a great event.

Kostas Kalantzis, attending the ASFA Luncheon on behalf of IQ Group