The enterprise benefits of CeX are clear, increased customer loyalty, higher retention rates, positive word-of-mouth marketing and improved operational efficiency. It’s no surprise then that CeX is one of the core components propelling enterprises to become market leaders, modernisers and industry pioneers.

However, the challenge lies not in why customer experience excellence is difficult for leaders to master, but how. Research* shows that 80% of CEOs believe they deliver superior customer experiences, with only 8% of their customers agreeing, demonstrating a stark contrast between perception and reality.

IQ Group’s, CEO, Brian Peters illustrates the key to success, in his recent blog highlighting that culture is the key that “supports the adaptive organisational business model and direction…. It can be the difference between standing still and evolving.”

For this reason, it is critically important to live and breathe a customer first culture, one where a customer mindset is embedded in everything you do.

As we venture further into the digital age, we acknowledge leaders will be transforming their businesses for the remainder of their working lives. To support this evolution, IQ is working closely with super funds to help them optimise their customer experience.

IQ’s consultancy operating model toolkit includes a partnership with Enterprise Lens, which enables IQ to deliver a multi-dimensional, dynamic, and impactful view of a client’s operating model on a single, digital page. This digital visualisation tool enables executive leaders to make informed, data-driven, decisions on where capability uplift is required, to best meet strategic drivers and objectives.

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By Emma Doyle, IQ Consultant.

*Research commissioned by Bain & Company. 362 businesses and their customers were interviewed. Research completed by Frederick F. Reichheld, inventor of the NPS concept.