A proactive approach to building super talent for the super industry

HIQ Academy provides the ‘perfect match’ of skills, experience and knowledge for superannuation funds and their providers. It is the ideal solution to current recruitment challenges and increasing remuneration pressure for employees with superannuation experience.

Our HIQ Academy service has two key offerings:

Match-Making for Super

Recruitment and training to deliver the right people with the right skill set and cultural fit

HIQ Academy participants are recruited via our extensive network.
They are chosen based on their skills and experience that align to the needs of the super industry and each participant receives tailored learning pathways, to ensure the right fit for each particular client.

Mentoring and Coaching

Ongoing support for participants to reach their full potential

Our highly experienced consultants will provide support and mentorship, for a fixed term, in order to further hone participants’ skills and ensure they remain a valuable asset to the organisation.

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