Whether it’s the slow and unapparent change of evolution itself or a more discernable change such as that which we experience in this current pandemic, humans will always respond and adapt.

How well we adapt, however, depends on our mindset and the work we are prepared to do. It has been nothing short of inspiring watching our clients adapt their organisations through this pandemic. 

Here at IQ, we are also changing … but we’re used to it. We do it on a daily basis. Every one of our clients is unique and that means we change according to their needs. We also make sure that we are continually learning and evolving as a company. This ‘change culture’ helps us analyse change at both personal and professional levels, giving us greater insight for our clients. 

There will always be some people who are sensitive to change and who approach it with caution and there are others who clearly see the benefits, roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Every organisation has individuals in both camps and that’s a good thing. With any change, you need multiple approaches and perspectives in order to get the best result.

Change opens up numerous opportunities and here at IQ, we consider ourselves “realistic optimists”. We approach change positively and look for the opportunities whilst understanding and respecting the hard work that is needed to change for the better.

As an example, we work through upcoming legislative and regulatory changes quickly and easily so that we can support our clients to focus on the positive aspects and opportunities associated with these changes. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to cut through complexity and stay on the front foot, always looking forward – giving our clients the ability to pivot easily whilst not losing site of the end game.

Over the last two decades, through the digital age, older and larger organisations have had to learn to adapt quickly in order to retain customers who compare them to innovative and more agile startups. However, the new ‘COVID economy’ opens up a pandora’s box of possibility. All organisations, across all sectors, are constantly changing … either to thrive or survive.

IQ’s customisable frameworks and methods have always helped our clients navigate expected change but when change is unexpected, there’s no perfect solution – no holy grail of frameworks, methods or technologies. What is needed is a mindset and a skillset that supports clients to manage multiple change agendas and navigate new paths.  And that’s something that we here at IQ are very proud to offer.

By Sharon Campanaro (Principal Consultant)