How has 2020 been for you?

What an interesting year 2020 has been – locked up for what seemed like an endless period of time. Yet, we got through it. It proved our resilience and adaptability.

In June, I moved into a townhouse from a unit, and this turned out to be a godsend. It gave me a small yard and garden, and this provided additional coping mechanisms for surviving lockdown. It also turns out I have a bit of a green thumb.

I am grateful that my family, friends and their families all came through COVID without illness or death. I am also very grateful that I was one of the lucky ones who had a job and could pay the bills and put food on the table. I am grateful for working for an amazing company that adapted so they could look after their staff. It was very much appreciated.

In 2020, I have also learnt that you can grow tomatoes from slices of tomato, capsicum from the seeds in a capsicum and spring onions from the butts of spring onions. Who knew!! 

What has been your biggest success/es in 2020?

Increasing delivery for a client from 12% to 45% in 6 months and building a strong team that is respected within the company. Also, adapting to delivering a project via Skype / Bluejeans / Teams etc, while living in a totally different state. Once thought impossible, now completely probable.

What are you most looking forward to next year?

I am looking forward to 2021 but only hope that it won’t be a repeat of this year. Perhaps, as they say, we should see the terms and conditions for 2021 first. I would like to travel again as I have always seen it as the reward for hard work throughout the year and I miss it.

I look forward to delivering my project on time and on budget and since there has been more compassion this year, I would like to see that continue.

What do you have planned for the Christmas break?

Every Christmas I spend the day with my Italian family. Lots of food, drink and laughter. People coming and going all day. Then, for some rest and relaxation, I am flying to Brisbane (finally) to see my Aussie family, before a few days on the Mooloolaba beach to recharge the batteries. I am disappointed I can’t go to Singapore, as I normally do, but this year has been about adapting and that is what I will do! Happy Christmas.

PHOTO:  Angie’s amazing tomatoes

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