How has 2020 been for you?

Our 20th wedding anniversary arrived amidst all this tumult. As it was later in the year, we were able to get out and celebrate with a night out and stayover in the city.

I’m grateful to have retained full time employment and for the relative simplicity that comes with working from home and working without the COVID related impositions that face other industries such as hospitality. Although it was unfortunate to miss out on an overseas trip this year, I’m so grateful we are not stranded overseas. I really feel for the people who are and for those stranded here such as overseas students.

What has been your biggest success/es in 2020?

At an organisation level, both at IQ and the Client, was the implementation of BCP and being able to sustain that over an extended period. At a team level, it was project completion at the onset of the pandemic while picking up previously outsourced activities that were returned to onshore. At a personal level, it was mainly just to keep going, keep doing the things I would ordinarily do – work, study and sport even when it became harder.

What are you most looking forward to next year?

I’m cautious. I suspect that it will be similar to 2020 but hopefully without the devasting bushfires. I’m hoping for some further restorations of normality including a return to the office in some form and to normal event calendars.

What do you have planned for the Christmas break?

Visiting relatives and friends is our Christmas tradition. Christmas is rotated between different relatives in different parts of the country and overseas, however this year will be from home again.

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