You walk through those doors on the morning of your very first day. You take a deep breath and try and stay out of everybody’s way. You walk along the polished floors past the reflective surfaces surrounding you, go up the escalators then eventually in the elevators to level 20. What have you gotten yourself into? Will you like the work? The people? How much training will you get, because you know next to nothing about superannuation or consulting? Will they think you’re stupid if you ask questions? Within the first few minutes of walking through the doors to the IQ group offices you’ve answered your questions.

It takes seven seconds to form a first impression about someone or something. These are our first impressions of IQ Group as graduate consultants.

Kiara Leslie

IQ has the requisite leadership and culture ensuring its success without the superficiality and pretence reputably consuming the corporate world. It is filled with highly intelligent, knowledgeable subject matter experts, cementing IQ Groups reputation for delivering “better” services. All of this was visible within the first week of conversations and learning.

Personally, what makes IQ different to others in the Collins square towers are the people and the support genuinely available. As cliched as it sounds, the people that make up the company really do make a difference. Everyone I’ve encountered thus far have been genuine in their offers of assistance and support. “If you ever need anything or have questions, feel free to email or call” has been a sentence repeatedly and sincerely spoken. The fact that people follow through with their offers of support by reaching out to Arnold and I or stopping to assist when either of us asks is greatly appreciated.

My first impression of IQ was a good one, from the consultants popping in and out offering welcome smiles and conversation, to the back-office staff who keep the business running behind the scenes, the supportive foundations our learning has been built on are what makes IQ group an ideal place to work—especially as a grad just entering the industry. The near daily “mental health sweets” are an added bonus for any chocolate addicts (because chocolate releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy)!

Arnold Bangco

As a graduate eager to enter the corporate world, university and general stereotypes paint a picture in my inexperienced mind of what this lifestyle entails; cut-throat, fast-paced, unforgiving, competitive.

Entering the office for my internship interview, my general perception of the industry changed as I was welcomed whole heartedly by Issy at the front door. My day then progressed to a professional but comforting conversation with Lindsay and Jodie, the uplifting atmosphere immediately motivated me to aim for the next step; the graduate program.

As I progressed through my internship, the inviting and genuine personalities proved to be consistent within the company, solidifying my decision of what type of environment I wanted to grow in. My first impressions entering the IQ family could not have been better, from the back-office team to the consultants and executives, IQ presented itself as a welcoming, caring environment, pushing not only for professional growth but personal. It seemed as if regardless of what corner you turned, there’s a plethora of colleagues willing to help and genuinely listen to assist you to navigate through the complex stages of life.

Whether it’s a laugh over a coffee, advice over the phone or a meeting to break-down a problem, from the beginning the IQ family presents to be all a young developing individual could ask for. I just wanted to personally thank all those who have happily reached out, providing lifelong advice while shining light on any doubts, simultaneously providing their interesting journeys before and during IQ. As repetitive as it may be a good company culture is the backbone to success, I guess that’s because the truth doesn’t change. The growth within IQ seems to be inevitable with all the helping hands; “the standards we walk past are the standards we accept”.

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