Carefully chosen from an impressive talent pool to be just the right fit for IQ and our clients, we are very happy to introduce you to our 2021 Graduate team.

Courtney Andrews

I am fortunate enough to have just started as a Graduate Consultant at IQ Group. My background is quite varied. I studied a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Psychology at RMIT. I decided that I wanted to combine my passion for understanding human behaviour in a corporate environment. I went on study a Master of Management (Marketing) at the University of Melbourne, ending my degree by spending my last semester studying Managerial Science at University of Geneva, Switzerland. After exposure to the world of consulting, I knew it was where I wanted to be.   

When I received the offer from IQ Group, I couldn’t have been happier and more grateful for being given this opportunity. Now four weeks in, I feel already part of a great team. The first two weeks involved sessions on all aspects of Australia’s financial sector- Insurance, Tax, Super etc (given by many different experienced IQ consultants).

I am now working with a great Consulting Director and what I am most excited about is the variety of work. I can already tell that no day is the same. Working across different clients and projects is interesting as there is always something new to learn. Additionally, keeping up with such an evolving sector with all the legislation changes definitely keeps us on our toes.   

Tana Pasipanodya

I am a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce majoring in economics and management. I am passionate about business, economics and social science throughout every stage of my education.  

My IQ journey has been an exciting experience, the graduate program has given me the opportunity to further diversify my skills and progress my knowledge in superannuation and consultancy.  I enjoy providing my support to the graduate team with exciting projects and intensive training in areas of the business including Business Analytics, Change Management and Project Management. 

My passion for philanthropy has inspired me to play an active role in supporting social and environmental issues throughout my community both globally and locally. I have initiated charity and fundraising initiatives including walks, donation drives and giving back to my African community through a personal project called The TANAKA Initiative. With the aim to provide education to young women on basic hygiene and the female reproductive system, and sustainable care strategies whilst also providing utilities. With the objective of giving back to the Zimbabwean community. 

The IQ group is full of intelligent and experienced individuals who are willing to provide guidance and support when required. It is a rewarding experience to be a part of a team that values everyone and encourages graduates like myself. I am so proud to be a part of the IQ group. I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn in an environment that fosters a great culture and network of professionals. 

Matthew Thynne

After graduating from the University of Queensland as a Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in finance, I relocated to Sydney to attain a graduate position within the financial services industry. IQ Group stood out to me due to the company’s specialist nature and market leading position within the superannuation consulting space.  

Since joining IQ in early February, I have experienced a resounding amount of support and guidance throughout the graduate program. From the commencement of the program, the graduate cohort began a two-week intensive training schedule. The two weeks also provided a variety of opportunities to meet previous graduates and other IQ staff in a social setting. Being able to establish a network and feel a part of the team so quickly speaks to the inclusive and positive culture IQ perpetuates.

Additionally, graduates are provided the resources to complete two third-party accreditations to further consolidate essential knowledge and perform at a high level when transitioned to our client engagements. The streamlined format of this introductory period has left me feeling prepared and eager to contribute as we move to our client engagements. I am excited to progress through the IQ graduate program and continue to learn from the experienced team at IQ.  

Jeremy Meyn

I am a recent graduate having studied a Bachelor of Business: (Information Systems) (Applied) at RMIT University. I have previously been working in IT support and data analysis roles and am very keen to get into the consulting area. During my final year of university, I wanted to make sure that I would be challenging myself and applying my problem-solving and analytical skills in a practical environment and feel that the IQ Group Graduate Program is doing that perfectly. 

During my first two weeks, I spent most of my time learning about all the different skills and processes for working on a project, while also developing my knowledge of the superannuation industry for my RG146 qualification. The program aims to tackle areas like project management, change management and business analysis and I can’t wait to get involved in all of these on my first engagement. The amount of support I’ve received from the IQ Team so far has been amazing and cannot wait to continue building relationships in the welcoming culture at IQ Group.  

Mitchell Rickman

A little while back now I completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Human Resource Management. Throughout my degree, I dived into the various concepts and research surrounding the field which formed an interest and a passion. I had the opportunity to write and research an essay on the future of HR which was selected as a national student finalist for the AHRI awards. I am interested in the strategic role HR plays to organisational success and sustainability, whilst also being at the forefront of navigating some of today’s biggest challenges and changes.  

I have recently moved into the Business Support Graduate Program. I have been gaining a greater understanding, and appreciation, of how various support functions within the company work together not only to keep things running day-to-day, but also to achieve growth. I am also undergoing an RG146 which, whilst early days, is allowing me an insight into the industry and the role IQ has in the superannuation industry. 

I have really enjoyed being part of IQ Group and working with a supportive team that encourages me to learn and grow while investing in my skills and understanding. I look forward to the many more opportunities to learn, deepen my professional skills, and support others in the team.  

IQ Group provides graduates with their career ‘head start’ through training and career development. We provide the right tools and training to ensure our graduates can achieve career success through mentoring, support and e-learning. Our graduates receive:

  • a structured program with an initial intensive skills development training boot camp, providing Business analysis, Project Management, Data and Change skills, as well as RG146 qualification;
  • 12 months of formal mentoring by a Principal Consultant;
  • great exposure to a variety of work environments and a network of professionals within the industry;
  • valuable experience on a wide range of engagements working with a great IQ Group team and clients; and
  • being part of the IQ Business Group with opportunity to travel across Australia.