This year marked IQ Group’s 21st year of operations in Australia. It’s a significant milestone and we recently toasted to our company’s growth over the last two decades with all employees.

21st birthdays are a grandiose affair for many and IQ group wanted to celebrate its symbolic ‘transition into adulthood’ with all our staff at events around the country (see some of our happy snaps below). We have taken the time to reflect on our past successes and acknowledge how IQ has matured over the years to be the successful company that it is today.

Just like a young adult turning 21, we look forward to taking the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated over these years to branch out even further. IQ has always focussed on looking for opportunities and making the most of them and we will continue to do this with supreme enthusiasm, professionalism, and support for the superannuation and wealth management industry.

The last couple of years has seen an unprecedented amount of change for financial providers in Australia. It’s been a challenging time and we are very proud of the work both IQ and our clients have done to adapt and to continue to grow during these times.

We’d like to congratulate and thank all of our clients – not just for their dedication and commitment to their customers – but for showing incredible business resilience and ultimately helping the Australian economy stay strong over the past 12 months.

The key, commonly a symbol associated with turning 21 for young individuals, represents a sense of freedom and earning one’s place in adulthood. It signifies an ‘unlocking’ of the future.  IQ has well and truly earned its place in the super and wealth management industry and as we turn 21, we continue to unlock the futures for our clients and empower them to be the best they can be.

By Katherine Forrest, Head of Consulting